Extreme Gamer

The Extreme Gamer® is a multi-disc device that allows the consumer to load ten video games at a time into our console. The Extreme Gamer® uses copyright protected software to relay information between our device and the gamer’s existing gaming console via ethernet or USB connection. Games will function as they always have except when it’s time to change or switch games. The gamer will no longer have to physically remove the game that is being played, insert a new game. The Extreme Gamer® will provide the ability to switch between games via our on-screen menu. Our interactive menu shows the gamer what games are loaded and allows them to easily switch between games without having to physically remove the game, and insert a new game.

    • Patents pending technology
    • Copyright protected software
    • 10 disc slot load model
    • Easy to use, integrated on-screen menu
    • Versions available for: PlayStation® ( future versions X-Box® and Nintendo Wii™)
    • Bluetooth optional connection
    • Blu-ray technology
    • Increased storage capacity – A developer’s dream!


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