The Zaaz™ Keyboard is a Wireless Interactive Entertainment Keyboard designed to bring the ease of a full-size keyboard to your Smart TVs, Smart Devices and Home Theater Systems.  Its sleek design, backlit keys, function and controller buttons makes it the perfect fit for your living room and or home theater center.  We designed the Zaaz keyboard with style and function in mind, from the curved ergonomic key layout, to the touch pad that lets you move the pointer with your finger,and the well positioned remote control and preprogammed app function buttons.


The stylish Zaaz™ keyboard looks great and feels right at home whether you are using it with your Smart TV or your high-end Home Media Center.


Accessing all the Smart TV and Media Center features has never been this simple or easy.


    •             Sleek Ergonomic Design
    •             Bluetooth Connection
    •             Irda Programming and Connection
    •             Full Remote Control Functions
    •             Easy to use, integrated Progammable Keys
    •             Preprogrammed App Buttons
    •             Works with: Smart TVs, Cable Boxs, Media Centers, PlayStation®, XBox®, and PC
    •             Rechargable Li-Ion Battery






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