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It’s no secret that the smart TV is going to make the home computer obsolete. As the industry matures and OLED replaces LED, resolution increases to 4000 lines instead of 1080, and users interact with their TV through integrated shopping, social media and on demand content – that the standard remote no longer works.

Exeo Entertainment has the solution for both consumers and TV manufacturers.


Of the 50 million smart TVs sold in 2012 most will be unconnected. Why? Because manufacturers have yet to switch their focus from providing more content to improving how users interact with that content.


With 220 million smart TVs expected to be sold by 2017 and a forecasted $265 billion dollar market – Exeo Entertainment, Inc.’s Zaaz keyboards, built to take full advantage of Smart TV technology – is in the right place at the right time.




Video gaming is a $40 billion worldwide market comprised of Game publishers / studios (Activision, EA, Take Two Interactive, THQ), Console manufactures (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo), and accessory manufacturers (Mad Catz Interactive, Pelican Accessories, Razer).


Exeo Entertainment, Inc. is an accessory manufacture and markets the Extreme Gamer to the estimated 380 million video game console owners worldwide.

First Console


In 1972, the first commercial video game console that could be played in the home, the Odyssey was released by Magnavox and designed by Ralph Baer. The game machine was originally designed while Ralph Baer was still at Sanders Associates in 1966, Baer managed to gain his legal rights to the machine after Sanders Associates rejected it. The Odyssey came programmed with twelve games.



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