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Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada Exeo Entertainment, Inc. is manufacturing company concentrating on developing innovative products that fill a clearly defined need in Today’s interactive entertainment Industry. Featured products include the Extreme Gamer® - the world’s first multi – disc game changer, the Zaaz family of smart TV keyboards, and an Android® based portable gaming system.


We began operations in May 2011 when we executed a license agreement with Digital Extreme Technologies, Inc. to complete product development and commercialization on the three aforementioned products. We expect the Extreme Gamer® and the Zaaz ™ keyboard to be available through big box retailers by mid-2013.




Our mission is to make it easier for users to access interactive content by making technology available through patent, copyright, and intellectual property protected products to both end users and developers while providing an above market return to shareholders.


our people


Exeo Entertainment, Inc. was founded by Scott Amaral and Jeff Weiland who continue to oversee the day to day operations.


Exeo Entertainment hires the brightest minds in the gaming industry to design, prototype and manufacture its products. "Outsourcing" gives us an advantage that larger companies don't have - we can move quickly.


By bringing the talent needed on a project per project basis, we have access to the latest trends and cutting edge breakthroughs in the gaming industry. We operate more efficiently by maintaining low operating costs.


By budgeting the needed development costs only when it's needed by the demands of the project, we dynamically change in size as we move forward with design development.


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Integrity - Honesty and fairness in all dealings with all people. We hold ourselves, our employees, and our suppliers to the highest ethical standards.


Customer Satisfaction- We are committed to providing the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We strive to get things done right the first time.


Shareholder Value - Every business decision will be made with an emphasis on maximizing shareholder value in light of social, political, and economic conditions.


Employee Satisfaction - Our business will always maintain the position that employees are our number one asset. Employees will be provided with a positive work environment that embraces diversity and promotes from within.


Scott Amaral

Mr. Amaral is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of management experience over a wide array of industries; from retail, commercial finance and management consulting to private equity ventures. Scott has worked on the private equity side of the business since 2000 raising millions of dollars for development stage companies. The last two ventures Scott was affiliated with both opened, and are currently traded, on the OTCBB. Mr. Amaral received both his undergraduate degree in marketing and his MBA from Southern Oregon University.

Jeff Weiland

Mr. Weiland has been involved in sales, marketing, electronic equipment design, manufacturing and management for over 25 years. From joining the Marine Corps in 1985 to owning his own business today, Mr. Weiland has always been driven to succeed. Career highlights: - 8 Years in the United States Marine Corps - 4 Years in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - 8 Years in High Tech Electronics - 5 Years in Electronic Equipment Design and Finance. Mr. Weiland studied Electronic Engineering and Technology and received his Bachelor of Science in Business Management, from the University of Phoenix while ever increasing his work experience.

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